Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Changing OP-Amp(s) on the DIY TDA1541A DAC

Since spending more time online nowadays (due to COVID resurgent worldwide), I chance upon some good deals for better OP-Amp(s) from overseas. This was a good opportunity to swap-out the default NE5534P on my DIY TDA1541A DAC with USB interface, as I have (more or less) done all I can with capacitor replacements - not in the blog but had swap out the output capacitors for Elna Stargates since the last post for the DIY DAC.

Have decided I was not going to spend silly amounts on buying blackcaps, silver cabling or anything fancy of that sort since I wanted to see how far I can improve the unit on a budget.

Thus have ordered some Philips NE5534P, JRC 5534 and  OPA604AP.

Will update once I received the goodies and can do some swap-outs tests.

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