Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Another of the integrated amps from my past.

Unfortunately no pix(s) of my A-X2... yes been quite a while since I had it. Hence please refer to the following links located via Googling for pix(s).

Front likeness
Specifications via Service Manual

The A-X2 has their Super-A circuitry and runs quite warm after 10min.

From memory the unit was quite grunty and was able to drive my SL6S without any issues. Reproduction was decent but with bias towards HF on the reproductions ...  found it to be a bit hard on my ears.

Discovered my unit to be quite sensitive to interconnect and speaker cabling, with a strong preference for the older version of the Monster Interlink-400 and thick copper cables for the speakers eg vintage QED black copper cables.

A common issue for the A-Xn (where n is a single digit numeric) series was the failure of a small capacitor in the power amp section. In my case, it was on the LHS.

Sold the unit a couple months after acquiring it (and repaired) since it was a bit hard on my ears.