Saturday, September 11, 2010

Philips CD-650 (***Update#2***)

The CD650 is probably my favourite TDA1541 chipset CDP.  I have two such units - the other unit is literally  NOS!! I sold my CD880 and kept the CD650!!!

I had to recap the unit after the image produced was leaning towards the left (from front) - common issue for old Philips-based CDP(s). I had several owned a number of other Philips based CDP's (Philips CD880, 670, 460, 640, 624, 634, 482, 931, AK601; Marantz CD52 Mk1, CD52 Mk2; Mission PCM 4000, 7000) and this always happens after 10yrs of usage. 

Only the electrolytic capacitors were swap out for better quality ones - no reclocking or opamp change necessary. The only exception were four of the Philips blue poly caps which were salvaged from my dead Mission PCM 7000, swap out for the silver coloured ones in the original from the opamp area e.g 1n and 2n4.  You can see the changed capacitors in the following pix.

SK Fong heard the unit as well when he was visiting and was quite impressed - by it's condition as well as sonic qualities after the recapping. And yes it does look like it was taken out the box and this is 1986 ...

I even demo picking up the unit and shaking it vertically as well as horizontally while a CD was being played - you would not heard any skips etc aka as if it was place on a iso-platform. That's 1980's quality for you!!! 

Someone else I know with a Marantz CD50 had to place the unit on a self-made iso-platform using springs to produce similar results.


I realised I did not mention the following. I used a Philips BC 0.027uF (blue square poly) as bypass for each of the Nichicon Muse. This was done to permit the high frequencies thru.

28Mar2011 - Update#2

Uploaded the brochure cover for the unit as these are scare on the internet.


  1. FYI

    The electrolytic values are as per found in the DIYAUDIO threads for the CD650.

    Only difference are the four 22uF 63V Panasonic FC I used to replace the 10uF(s) in the OPAMP area. This made the reproduction more mellow.

    1. hi brother, how to contact you? my email

  2. I also have a CD650. It's now stored in my wardrobe but it was working last time I tried it. This was the Philips flagship at the time it was released. Basically, if you couldn't afford the two-piece Sony you bought the CD650. I was lucky enough to get one at NZ$850 when the retail price was NZ$1200. I hate to think what price the Sony must have been in New Zealand!

  3. hi brother, I have one also ,you know how to repair it, mine is broken down, Any way to contact you? are you local stay at Singapore? can email me ? a lot

    1. Please contact Mivec for CDP repairs hp 90286084