Thursday, October 1, 2015

Technics RS-M45

The RS-M45 was the 1st cassette deck I own. Bought it as part of the "808-series" of slim profile components from Technics with IR remote capability, in 1980.

Do not have the actual pix as the RS-M45 was sold many years ago - hence will refer to one from the internet. I actually kept the RS-M45 for another decade after selling off the "808-series" components before letting it go. Should have kept it... (***regrets***)

Technics RS-M45 from TheHifiEngine database
Specs are available at

In those days, Technics was one of the more affordable brands which produce decent turntables and cassette decks (Nakamichi cassette decks were "King of the Hill" then).

The RS-M45 shared the many of the important core electronics with other high-end Technics units of its time eg RS-M02/65/85, except it does not have all the "bells and whistles" available on the front panel. Nevertheless it was a great cassette deck for the price eg "best bang for the buck" back then.

One GREAT feature was the electronics ability to compensate for dropouts. When I play certain cassette on other cassette players, you would hear the dropouts eg sudden loss of volume on certain positions of a song. These dropouts can be rather annoying ... especially when listening to one of your favourite tracks. On the RS-M45, it would proceed as if nothing was wrong!