Saturday, February 1, 2014

DIY - Reinstating original green backlit after lamp replacement on Audiolabs

Been some time since replacing the original backlit lamps on my Audiolab(s). 

Must admit - I really missed the original green glow of backlit(s). Currently the available replacements does not produce the original green glow.

As I had open up the 8000CDM (awaiting replacement tray gear parts), decided to experiment with alternatives - drawing inspirations from my Sansui TU-9900 eg using a coloured filter of sorts. 

I decided to try using coloured drinking straws.

Sections of drinking straws for the experiment

After cutting them to a suitable length (and trimming the larger straw), I inserted the "candidate(s)" into the lamp holder areas to test, a set at a time - as per below.

With coloured straws inserted

Thickness of the thinner straws were simply too much for the lamps. Hence the results made the display hardly legible - must be within a meter???

Results from the larger straw were most pleasing but dimmer than the original. Definite improvement over the ugly yellow-ish alternative.

8000CDM display after adding filters

8000T display after adding filters

Will continue to search for a better alternative in the future ... until then, these will do just fine!