Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meridian 209

The 209 is my Meridian remote to control the 201 and 602. The 204 is only activated by the 201 when utilised, and, vice-versa. The 209 has no other control over the 204.



After bottom cover removed
After insulator removed

The 209 literally eats 9V batteries for breakfast!!! Hence I had the remote codes programmed into the Philips Pronto and used it as my main remote for the Meridian components.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sansui B-2102

The B-2102 is the companion for the C-2102 pre-amp and is a X-Balanced System power amp.

Front view of the B-2102
There seems to be little information on the internet for the B-2012. I can confirm the B-2102 specification is similar to the B-2101. Main differences are that the B-2102 is a B-2101 with a different facade, large caps of 8,200uF instead of 10,000uF. Lastly the DISPLAY OFF switch only disables the audio feed into the meters - does not switch the meters off. Like the B-2101, the B-2102 is a scale-up version of the G90X amplifier section - with 8 transistors per side vs 8 transistors for both channels on the G90X.

Recapped the B-2102 a few years back as it was sounding dull. Came across across leaked caps on the PSU board with many very tired caps on the power amp boards. Used Panasonic ECA, FC and FM; Rubycon, Wima(s) and misc caps.


Top with cover
Top with cover removed

Recap PSU and LHS driver board
Recap RHS driver board

8,200uF caps
Power amp board on one side

Details of the B-2101 are available on the web at specificationsbrochure-1 and brochure-2

I find the B-2102 to be sweeter than the B-2101 though the specifications are almost the same as the other model.