Friday, July 1, 2011

MicroMega DUO.BS

The MicroMega DUO.BS is a bit stream DAC in a compact package, with high-quality components all round.

It is dimensionally similar to my Mission DAC5 which uses the high-end Philips TDA1547 DAC. The DUO has an additional TOSLINK for input when compared to the DAC5. Both DAC(s) have a power-on switch with stand-by mode and a Phase-invert facility.

 The DUO.BS has better isolation of the transformer than the Mission DAC5 and uses available space to the maximum with 2 PCB(s) separated by a metal plate at the critical junctures.

Top from angle
Bottom from angle

Side view

How does the DUO.BS sound? When I did a A-B comparison between my X-10D and the DUO.BS - found them to surprising close in sonic quality (after warm-up with Phase Invert enabled). The DUO.BS is pleasure to listen to, after warm-up since I do not normally leave the unit on stand-by for extended periods when not in-use. You would not believe it is a bit-stream unit when listening to it!