Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leak Delta 30

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Technics SB-X700 (aka "Honeycomb speaker")

I recently acquired a pair of SB-X700 speakers in good working condition (with original speaker stands). These are quite rare in the used market. Summary of details at

With cover
Cover off
Bass reflex design. Side panels sound thin when softly tab on (except the back).

Sounds pretty analog. Bass was "flabby" and mid-range lack definition. Plenty of low frequency resonance as well due to thin side panels.

Has "potential" ...

The speaker rests on a metal plate at the top of the stand. The speaker can be easily shifted when on the stand. Hence I decided to try the following. Put a "sticky mat" and eight rubber pencil erasers on each of the stands. The speaker will be place on top of the stand with the mat and erasers. The idea is to create an "iso-layer" which would absorb vibrations from the speaker e.g idea from "earthquake proof-ing" procedures!!!
Next I obtain 2 small water bottles and fill them to just over half volume. You can see them place into the internal chamber of the speaker stand on the prior picture. These will act as "dampeners" - like sand bags inside speaker stands.
Water bottles from inside speaker stand

Once done, firing the amp up verifies the theory - bass was firmer and reproduction became more natural with clearity to match!!!

Actually sounds pretty decent... 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

DIY - Kwak Clock 7 (1st attempt)

This is my 1st attempt to DIY the KC7 using mainly parts recycled from my previous DIY(s).

I have not install the KC7 as yet, since I will require one of my "non-favoured " CDP to be the test unit aka "guinea pig"!

As to date, I have only used a multi-meter to ensure connectivity of the solder parts (where possible) following the instructions for the KC7 e.g clock from CDP, test for voltage before IC and the J309 is inserted.

You can E-mail Elso for the details via DIYAUDIO.

Will update once I have the opportunity to test the KC7.

Naim Nait 1

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sansui TU-D99X

Sansui C-2102 (***Update#2***)

The The C-2102 is the matching pre-amplifier for the B-2102 power amp. I use the C-2102 as the pre-amp to provide signals to my C-2102 and C-2101 for horizontal bi-amping.

One of the unique features is of the C-2102 is the use of parametric equalisers for tone control. It is known to possess a good phono stage.


I bought the C-2102, B-2102 and B-2101 from the States a few years ago before postage prices sky-rocketed!!!
Original internals
After recapping

Bottom view

Caps used include Panasonic ECA and FC, Wima, silver mica, EPCOS and OSCON.

Update - 24Mar2012

Took the C-2102 out to partner the B-2101. Was initially disappointed by it's performance - sounded reserved and the high's did not flow naturally.

Hence I replaced the OSCON with a Nichicon on the motherboard. Replaced the WIMA 0.022uF at C26 with a Russian Paper-In-Oil (PIO) 0.047uF (back to original value) as it is in a tonal ladder.

Close-up of motherboard area with changes

In addition, removed the previous bypass under the motherboard and place a Philips BC 0.026uF bypass to C26 as the highs required a slight adjustment.

The results in a word - WOW!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quad 303 (2nd unit)

Found the following pix(s) of my 2nd Quad 303 which was recapped and re-biased in 2009. Though it would be interesting to post them. 

I acquired a 2nd Quad 303 to enable bi-amping using my Quad 33 and FM3.

I tested the unit after purchase and it was functional but with a slightly lower volume on the right channel.

When I open up the internals, I was shocked (!!!) and surprised it was still functional (Hint: Right channel board)

The are pix of the original unit before it was recapped. Will add pix(s) of the recapped unit once I take it out from storage.
PSU board

Right channel board with broken capacitor!!!

Left channel board

Marantz CDA-94

Another rare DAC from my collection, the well known partner for the well beloved CD-94 - the Marantz CDA-94. The DAC chip deployed is the infamous Philips TDA1541.

There is much more information on the unit at and

The unit really sounded sickly when I acquired it.

Once recap with quality components though-out (Wima, OSCON, Panasonic  FC, Stargets, etc),  sounds really analog. My good friend (who bought my tuned Sansui AU-4400) heard the unit after I recapped it (in 2009) via the Naim Nait 1 though it was a tube DAC and wanted to get one for himself!!! He was extremely disappointed once he discovered the CDA-94 is extremely rare in the used market.

After recap

Main DAC board with dedicated PSU section

PSU board for all other motherboards