Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sansui AU-101

Just remember I used to own this little Junior many years ago.

Didn't take pix(s) of my gear then, so please refer to the following pix from the internet for reference. My unit was as clean as this pix from the internet. I remember the wooden sides looked very nice on the amp but was not solid wood (upon closer inspection).

Pix from internet

15W RMS per channel and a lightweight at about 6kg if you compare to the other Sansui's of the era.

Sold it as it didn't have the infamous Sansui grunt and had to regularly turn the volume to 11-1 o'clock before the volume was normal (compared to other amps) on my SL6S. Yes understand the SL6S was not a easy to drive bookshelve!

Reproduction was transparent and full of detail. Bass was not plentiful and had to leave the BASS knob at about 2 o'clock.

Con was the limited number of possible inputs.

The buyer used it as a bedroom set and advised the phono stage was superb - he used a Lenco L75 for source.