Saturday, August 1, 2015

Appropriate speaker cables for my DIY LS 3/5A with DIY AB1

Not sure if anyone else has similar experience with their LS 3/5A with AB1.

The combination was pleasing to the ears and even a musician friend was complementary of the presentation. However I felt the presentation could be further improved, especially if the HF was to be as fluid as that of horn or horn-loaded-tweeter.

Tried using the original QED and vintage Canare cabling but to no avail. Hence I search the market for used Van Der Hul MCD-352, as I had previously heard it on a friends' Celestion SL6 driven by a Plinius set. After some time, I did manage to acquire the VDH and it did provide improvements.Unfortunately the improvements were not to my expectations.

I then installed my original QED Silver Anniversary (not the XT) for comparison, since both are silver-type speaker cables. 

Viola!!! Everything fell into place when driven by one of my Quad FM3-33-303 sets. Yes, should have trial the QED Silver Anniversary 1st before searching for the VDH.

Another case of the solution being closer to home than one might think!