Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sansui AU-9500

Found the following pix in my library archives - still have the Sony CDP and the CD(s) in the background.

No need to go into any technical details and the alike since the AU-9500 is a well known unit and such information are readily available on the net.

Sold the AU-9500 a few years ago.

Reason for selling? Took quite a while to realised there were frequency cut-offs in the HF (when compared against the AU-9900A). Don't get me wrong - sounds superb with a truly sweet reproduction ... to the point of being mesmerizing!!! The phono section was one of the best I have ever came across.

Decided to let the old gal go in it's original condition since I had then acquired the AU-9900A (now with the matching tuner, TU-9900).

Regrets? None. Well ... maybe one - I did not take a pix of the internals beforehand.