Monday, May 17, 2010

Audiolab 8000DAC (###Updated###)

The British made Audiolab 8000DAC is well loved for it's warm and natural sound.

DAC and CDM playing CD recorded with EQ
According to various documentation on the net, the Philips TDA1547 is the heart of the unit - not able to see the actual chip as hidden by the Audiolab cover on the motherboard (see below).

Decided to recapped the unit a while back (before creating this blog) as it was taking atleast an hour to warm up and sound decent. Volume before the recapping was very low as well - really sounded tired.

Took the opportunity to do some part replacements along the way as the unit had a treble and bass roll-off when I was listening to it using my Accuphase and Meridians (later on those).

Anyway, the pix below is the resultant of my efforts.

I am using the 8000DAC with the 8000CDM (black tray), 8000T and 8000A (all true Brits). Such 8000A's were the last of the true Audiolabs with "F" in the S/N (aka before sold to TagMcLaren).

From top
From bottom

And I added a few heatsinks to the power regulators to reduce heat levels as well. In addition, two silver mica's were added as by-pass to the non-EC capacitors.

View the blog for my Audiolab 8000A at to see and hear how the units perform together.


Recapped the EC in the PLL control section of the DAC located at the bottom LHS of the unit - 4*100uf 35V and a 47uF 16V, as the power supply filter to the LM317 could be better. Now working fine again.


  1. Hi WCK,
    My 8000DAC failed yesterday, the mute lamp showed via coax link, optical link worked for about 5 mins then muted. Is this the DAC or the CDM?
    Any assistance/advice gratefully received!

  2. You will need to perform step-by-step elimination to determine possible source of the problem e.g use a different CDP with the 8000DAC, and, vice-versa. Then sent the faulty component for servicing.

  3. Had a visitor who was a musician. When he listen to the Meridian 201/204/557 using my 8000DAC&CDM as source, he remarked that this is what I hear when I am playing the instrument!!!

    Made my day!!!!