Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bang & Olufsen BeoCenter 5000

The BeoCenter 5000 is a AM/FM/LW receiver with the BeoMaster remote.

Although conceived in 1980's, the unit remain stylish 20 years later.
Front view with FM reception
With hidden controls revealed
The unit weights a solid 10kg and has an internal fan in the amplifier section. The amplifier outputs 50W RMS per channel.
BeoMaster with hidden controls reveal
BeoMaster in action
Will not go too much into the unit as there is a dedicated B&O site online with detail information.

Am currently using the unit for FM reception as it seems most adapt for the purpose - the FM reproduction is simply superb!


  1. Would you or anyone you know have a use for a B&O beocenter terminal remote?? The system was purchased in 1982 and is long gone but I still have the remote. It was a big (heavy) clunker with a turntable. Bostley at gmail

  2. If anyone interested in Keith's item, please contact him directly