Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sugden C51 (***Updated***)

The C51 pre-amp, together with the P51 formed the reference set for many reviewers in the 70's.

Sounds pretty good, even by today's standards. It is a very simple unit internally - apologies as I located these two pix in a photo album.

I will add the P51 pix to the blog once I find it in my store room (no kidding!!!).

There is a site dedicated to Sugden components so I won't repeat the praises sung there.


The following are the internals of the C51.

Top View
Bottom view

Was unable to locate the special grey-ish DIN cable which carries the audio signal and power between the C51 and P51 to enjoy the units . . ... the joys of having too many items in the storeroom!!!

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