Friday, July 1, 2011

MicroMega DUO.BS

The MicroMega DUO.BS is a bit stream DAC in a compact package, with high-quality components all round.

It is dimensionally similar to my Mission DAC5 which uses the high-end Philips TDA1547 DAC. The DUO has an additional TOSLINK for input when compared to the DAC5. Both DAC(s) have a power-on switch with stand-by mode and a Phase-invert facility.

 The DUO.BS has better isolation of the transformer than the Mission DAC5 and uses available space to the maximum with 2 PCB(s) separated by a metal plate at the critical junctures.

Top from angle
Bottom from angle

Side view

How does the DUO.BS sound? When I did a A-B comparison between my X-10D and the DUO.BS - found them to surprising close in sonic quality (after warm-up with Phase Invert enabled). The DUO.BS is pleasure to listen to, after warm-up since I do not normally leave the unit on stand-by for extended periods when not in-use. You would not believe it is a bit-stream unit when listening to it!


  1. Hi, I still use the same DAC and it has giving me years of trouble-free service, however, lately it produces a "hum." I tried lifting grounds, isolating inputs, cable swaps and even cabinet shielding and have drilled the "hum" to being internal on the DAC, maybe some caps. Any words of wisdom?

    Thanks, Thomas

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Other simpler items to check are the cables connected to the DAC. Did you change them or change to diff ones before the hum appeared? Sometimes you just need to re-sit them due to the grounding. Had similar issues with my Sony CDP-333ESA, MF X10D, Denon DVD-2900, B&O, and a few others.

    If the above does not fix the issue, best to sent it for maintainence as there are CMOS IC(s) in the logic control section. Such IC(s) are EXTREMELY sensitive to static and are easily damage if you are not electronics trained to deal with them.

  3. Hi great,

    The DUO.BS has a more balance and natural presentation when compared to the DAC5. The DAC5 tend to be more bassey.

    Apologies as I have not had the opportunity to purchase the DUO DAC, hence I have no idea of the value for it today.

    In the past I had many CDP with variations of the TDA154x - my personal favourite is the TDA1541 based DAC.

  4. Hi, I have a Duo BS, and I have a great problem...

    Have You a Schematic Diagram of Duo BS?

    I don't find this.
    If You have, please send for me...

    Best Regards,

  5. Hi Maczkohathy,

    I don't have any schematic for MicroMega DUO. BS. I think there is no any circuit schematic or manuel online either. However, I suggest you open up DUO BS unit to look for if there is any component physically fail(visual and smell checking). Otherwiswe, please write down all major component on paper and check online. For example, you might find IC TDA1547 on PCB and then you can easily find out the data of TDA1547 online. Good luck!

  6. Hi pals!

    I'm lucky! My Duo BS healed :-)))
    I have ordered from Ebay √Člantec EL2001CN IC-s. I replace it and the machine works perfect!

    Best regards:


  7. Have since sold the DUO BS to make room for another DAC