Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blaupunkt P-60

A simplistic turntable, designed with the minimalist in-mind.


The P60 is a belt drive auto-return turntable with option for 33 and 45 rpm records and includes an adapter for the the older 45rpm records. Since the P60 does not have any power on-off switches, the platter rotates upon power-on. There is no strobe light. The only other button is the STOP button which will cause the arm to return to it's resting place. There original arm has anti-skid with tracking adjustment. 

Original mat
Original stylus

Even so, the P60 was sonically pleasing. Sounds superb when playing any LP in good condition. The P-60 was well designed, so much so when I drop the dust cover after starting a track, you would not heard the dread loud thud. Does no favours for any poorly maintained records though...

I was listening to an old favourite - country music from the sound track of the movie Coast to Coast, starring Robert Blake and Dyan Cannon. Could hear all the details re-produced properly with no skipping, mis-tracking or the external influences when I was jumping up and down next to it (when it was place on the floor)!!! 

Not bad for a simple but well designed turntable from the early 1980's

Without mat
Bottom view

Internal view from bottom

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  1. Have since sold the P60 since I still have a few Technics SL-10 in my storeroom ... somewhere