Sunday, December 4, 2011

A.C Magnum IA-125 (***Updated#2***)

This is the newest edition to my collection - so new I had not even had a chance to power it up yet!


Top view


An acquintaince informed these units are quite collectable nowadays and had regretted selling his unit many years ago.

There seems to be little information on the net on the IA-125. Basic information is about 40W RMS per channel, 10kg and was made to sound like a valve amplifier.

Update - 6Feb2012

Did not connect the unit to my speakers as had some doubt on the direction to turn the volume knob. Removing the top cover requires a hex key of sorts for 7 screws - I made do with a medium Torx screw driver.

Testing the volume pot connectors with a multi-meter reveals volume is zero when the dot on the knob points noon. Increase volume by turning clockwise.

Powering up the unit after connecting the CD player and speakers - you get the normal THUD, typical of Brit amps without any speaker protection - as per other famous Brits e.g Naim NAIT, early Exposure(s),  etc.

This little amp has SPADES of drive and sounds great right after power-up!!! The IA-125 rewards when partner with high quality components. Reproduction is detailed, with clearity and the infamous British warmed. 

Am still marvel-ing at how musical the unit can be!!!

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  1. Unit was sold to a pleasant English gentleman who remarked "... am surprised no one offered to take the unit off you!"