Friday, March 9, 2012

Meridian 201

Was searching for something in my store room when I came across the 201.

Front, in stand-by mode


A favourite among Meridian enthusiasts, the 201 cames in a handy compact package with remote capabilites. 

Like other 200-series units, it was designed to be left connected to the mains and goes into a Stand-by mode when turn off via the 209 (aka the flat brick of a remote which eats 9V batteries for breakfast!).

The 201 is a nice, natural sweet sounding pre-amp which can be matched with a variety of non-Meridian equipment. 

Only had the PSU section recapped since it has seen many years of service.

When they do appear on the resale market, normally goes pretty fast.


  1. Hi there, great blog, some interesting pieces.
    I've just acquired a 201 mk1 pre amp, and was wondering if and/or what servicing you think it would need, and if you know anybody in the uk who can do it?

  2. Apologies as I am not familiar with such services in the UK.

    You can try contacting Meridian themselves for advice.