Friday, June 1, 2012

Pioneer A-400X

Recently a friend requested for assistance to help sell his A400X.

I sold my A400 and A400X yonks ago. Both the A400 and A400X are physically the same. I remember picking up the A400 and it was definitely heavier than the A400X. Other physical difference was the A400 had only speaker terminals for a pair of speakers while the A400X had terminals to bi-wire a pair of speakers. Both models has speaker protection circuitry.

Top view without cover

What I do remember is that the A400 sound close to the Cyrus1 while the A400X reproduction was closer to that of the Cyrus2. And when I had both the A400 and A400X to test with the Pro63 - the A400 was able to drive the Pro63 without issues. The A400X on the other hand manage to produce some squeals when the volume was between 1-2 o'clock!!! Even so, both models did not have issues driving my Celestion SL6S speakers.

Hence when I audition his stock A400X to ensure it was fully functional - my jaws literally dropped!!!

Let me explain.

When I had my A400X yonks ago, it had good high and mid-range reproduction but LF was disappointing. I did not realise my source was the issue then - a "well rated" Rotel CDP (which I later sold). Hence when I connected his A400X to my current setup - Meridian speakers with the Meridian 602/606 combination, the reproduction was SHOCKING - almost top-flight!!!

Seems the A400X is rather choosy and require a good source with good speakers to perform well.

Given the proper diet ... it is a rare and true bargin!!!

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