Saturday, September 1, 2012

Philips CD-380

Was helping my friend dispose of his CDP and he was ok for the following post in my blog.

The CD380 is a CDM4/19 based CDP without built-in remote capability. This particular model uses a TDA1543 DAC.

The CD380 can be remote capable via an external unit from Philips and connecting it via the RC5 RCA connectors. Unfotunately the external remote unit are extremely rare.

Front view

View from rear

Internals from top
The CD380 has no issues reading CD-R as well as my test CD with a degraded "see-thru" area on the TOC (Table of Contents).

How does this old gal sound? Pretty good actually for a stock unit which uses the "poor man's TDA1541"! Audio was warm and pleasant. Background details were good as well. Output via RCA(s) were low in volume. There is no volume control on the headphone output.

As  per other Philips CDP(s), the CD380 has potential to sound much better if the capacitors were refreshed and replaced with better quality components.

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