Thursday, August 1, 2013


The Yamato of the original ES series.

Front view

Found the above pix in my digital archives. Will update them once I have the opportunity (and strength!!!) to dig the old battleship from my storeroom! It weights more than most of my integrated amps okay?

As per other ES CDP(s), it has separate transformers for the analogue and digital circuits. The audio board are dual-mono eg with a separate board per channel. The CDP has separate analogue (fixed and variable outputs) as well as XLR for each channel. Digital out is via TOSLINK and SP/DIF via a RCA jack. The remote is able to access all functions on the unit. Did note the X7ESD remote is not able to control my 333ESA.

How does it sound? In short, nothing short of SUPERB!!! For example, I could easily distinguish the triangle being chimed 2x on Phil Colin's 3-inch single release of Another Day in Paradise (see pix below) effortlessly!


Sorry not sure why the orientation is not correct, as I checked the pix(s) from the camera and it was ok ... until uploaded???

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