Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sansui AU-9500

Found the following pix in my library archives - still have the Sony CDP and the CD(s) in the background.

No need to go into any technical details and the alike since the AU-9500 is a well known unit and such information are readily available on the net.

Sold the AU-9500 a few years ago.

Reason for selling? Took quite a while to realised there were frequency cut-offs in the HF (when compared against the AU-9900A). Don't get me wrong - sounds superb with a truly sweet reproduction ... to the point of being mesmerizing!!! The phono section was one of the best I have ever came across.

Decided to let the old gal go in it's original condition since I had then acquired the AU-9900A (now with the matching tuner, TU-9900).

Regrets? None. Well ... maybe one - I did not take a pix of the internals beforehand.


  1. I love your job! do you try test a Sansui AU-x701 or 711? I have the alpha 607 extra restored and is amazing the quality. What is your best amplifier for the money? Regards!

  2. Honestly it really depends on your taste as well as requirements, since every generation of the Sansui integrated amps sound slightly different.

    1. Yeah that is true, I heard a very clear and natural sounds with plenty of bass. My previous amp is a AU-417 restored too, and the alpha is just better in all areas, probably a bit less bass, but is much more dynamic and the loudness is not soo brutal like x17 series for me.