Saturday, February 1, 2014

DIY - Reinstating original green backlit after lamp replacement on Audiolabs

Been some time since replacing the original backlit lamps on my Audiolab(s). 

Must admit - I really missed the original green glow of backlit(s). Currently the available replacements does not produce the original green glow.

As I had open up the 8000CDM (awaiting replacement tray gear parts), decided to experiment with alternatives - drawing inspirations from my Sansui TU-9900 eg using a coloured filter of sorts. 

I decided to try using coloured drinking straws.

Sections of drinking straws for the experiment

After cutting them to a suitable length (and trimming the larger straw), I inserted the "candidate(s)" into the lamp holder areas to test, a set at a time - as per below.

With coloured straws inserted

Thickness of the thinner straws were simply too much for the lamps. Hence the results made the display hardly legible - must be within a meter???

Results from the larger straw were most pleasing but dimmer than the original. Definite improvement over the ugly yellow-ish alternative.

8000CDM display after adding filters

8000T display after adding filters

Will continue to search for a better alternative in the future ... until then, these will do just fine!


  1. Hi,
    Did you use the orginal bulbs for the display?

    I have a bag of them here, and as I have the CDM in bits I'm thinking about replacing the three broken ones.

    While taking the CDM to bits I did manage to seperate the power lines from the daughter board the bulbs site in.

    Should I just solder these two wires back in place or shoud I add a connector in?

    I spotted a reference on a board to someone replacing the bulbs with LEDs and the correct resistor - would you have any thoughts on that?



  2. Sorry for the belated reply.

    LED(s) are the way to go. Less hassels and you can reinstate the original green glow since they stop producing the original green bulbs.

    I have yet to replace those bulbs. Hence I can not comment on which would be better for you. Maybe you can experiment and post a feedback here