Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mission 751

The following is a internet pix of the Mission 751. Sold mine many years ago and did not have any pix of it.
Pix from internet
Bought the 751 as could not resist the good deal for it. I remember the 751 was lighter than my main speakers at that time, the Celestion SL6S. The 751 was also slightly shorter than my SL6S, with the SL6S being just a tad wider. However the 751 was much deeper physically than the SL6S. Cabinet construction was solid.

I remembered my initial impressions of the 751's reproduction - initially sounded neither here nor there. After a few days, the 751 started to sound right. A couple of weeks later, the 751 reproduction was actually quite  decent. Only issue I had was the clarity of HF  - details were not forth coming as the SL6S ... probably due to the plastic dome protector on the tweeter as per the Mission 753.

Since I had the SL6S, I decided to let my go of my surplus and sold the 751 with the Pioneer A400, Pioneer F-225 and the Rotel RCD-965BX as a package to a friend.

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