Sunday, November 1, 2015

DIY - ferrite isolator on tuner antenna cable

In the recent weeks, I would hear some unnatural clicking sounds from the tuner in the hall every so often. 

Initially though the tuner require maintenance. Thus I connected that tuner to my 2nd set for verification - no such issue?

Hence the issue was specific to my main setup. I have been adding more electrical components to that locality. Guess some of the newer components were not as well constructed with less than proper shielding.


Most cost effective solution I could think of was to use some spare ferrite isolator (plastic assembly with two pieces of ferrite core) from my "junk box". 

1st attempt using a single ferrite core produce good results with much reduce clicking. Since I had a few, added another for better effect. That seems to have done the job - see pix below.

Was getting carried away and started putting the ferrite isolators on the TV antenna cables as well. Adding the 1st was effective as it did clear up the pix somewhat. Adding the 2nd was disasterous as the TV pictures were pretty blurry!!! Hence removed the 2nd ferrite core from the the TV antenna cabling.

Oh well ... you won't know till you try it

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