Saturday, October 1, 2016

DIY PROAC 2.5 Clone (Part- 3)


Finally, the custom made clone cabinets arrived! It was delivered in a wooden crate with a label indicating the contents have a combined weight of 56kg!

Clone cabinets delivered (top of wooden crate removed)
Front of cabinets after un-boxing
Rear of cabinets after un-boxing

The physical dimensions were to specifications and the purchased bass port fits perfectly!

Testing how the bass port fits into the rear port opening. The crossover will be position opposite of the end of bass port, with most of the weight support by the bracing. Will use a velcro mechanism to hold the crossover to the internal wall

Since I requested for the bracing, had to literally force foam onto the bottom half of the cabinet. This is necessary to reduce unnecessary reverberations there. Had open-up a B&W 800 series before and that's what they use as well.

Putting foam into bottom half of the cabinet

Will be using MDM-2 in the top half of the cabinet.

MDM-2 for top half of cabinet
Forming top portion of MDM from package to fit top of cabinet, with cut along the edges
Fitting MDM inside top half of cabinet

Initial insertion of the ScanSpeak drivers onto the cabinets provided such a prefect fit I did not even have to deploy the screws for the first week of initial testing!

Initial fitting of drivers onto the cabinet

Ohm reading after insertion of speaker connectors and cabling of all internals

Close-up of one of the cabinets during initial usage

Initial usage was jaw dropping! Really sweet with bass to match ... no wonder the ProAc 2.5 is hardly available in the resale market.

It is a suprisingly power hungry speaker though. Will dig out my 200watt's power amplifiers once I have a chance to cleanup the room.

Shall update again once I have a chance to burn them in...

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