Saturday, April 1, 2017

Original Mission Cyrus 1&2

When I saw the announcement of a new Misson Cyrus One integrated amplifier, it brought back memories of my original UK made Misson Cyrus 1 & 2 amplifiers.

Mission Cyrus pix from Google
Misson Cyrus 2 pix from Google

There are many reviews for the Giant Killer and it's successor on the net, so there's no need for me to repeat them.

Years ago I was visiting a relative overseas and he had the giant killer hooked up to a pair of big AR floorstanders using the original Monster Cable speaker cables. Source was a 300-CD Sony library player ... it sounded delightful and I remember just enjoying the music from his setup. A few months after returning home, I came across the opportunity to own a Cyrus 1&2 from the reuse market.

I do remember re-selling the Cyrus 2 quickly afterwards but kept the giant killer for a few months longer. I finally parted with the Cyrus 1 by selling it to a local Cyrus amplifier collector as I could not locate the preferred AR speakers for it.

Sometimes I do regret selling the Cyrus 1, as it was a simple amplifier which just delivers the performance reliably time after time. The component which often failed after many years of operation is the flick ON-OFF switch. Oh well ...

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