Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Plinius 3100B

Continuation from Plinius 2b and VII

As per the Plinius "Plint", there does not seem to be much information or pictures of the 3100B on the internet - not even at Plinius own site.

The Plinius 3100B  is a 100W RMS per channel stereo power amplifier which runs in Class-B mode,

From memory it was well built and weight about 15-18kg. It did not run hot, just warm when driving a pair of Celestion SL6s.

Pix of the Plinius 3100B from NZ eBay equivalent

Pix of the Plinius 3100B (rear) from NZ eBay equivalent
How does it sound?

In general, clear presentation but I find the 3100B lack gruntiness with any control at volumes above 10oclock. What I mean is that it's like the older generation of Honda Civic engines - have horsepower but lack torque. So although it can go loud when driving the Celestion SL6s, that's about it. When the volume was at 50% on the pre-amp, the reproduction sound flat. From memory, no details no soundstage; just VOLUME - basically sounding pretty much like the "run of the mill" present day Class-D amps.

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