Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Follow-up of DIY LS 3/5a (*** Update-1***)

As Singapore was in "Circuit Breaker" mode (aka govt movement restriction due to COVID-19), I had more time on hands (don't we all...πŸ˜’) and could follow-up on some hifi add-on items for various (more or less) completed projects. 

One such "missing link" was the tweeter felt squares for my DIY LS 3/5a. 

In the past I did not purchase these tweeter felt squares since I had categorised them as a "nice to have but not essential" to complete the project ... and they were a little costly once you factor in shipping etc.

During my free time browsing the net, I came across the below which were made using wool, roughly about 5mm thick. 

True, the O-square may not be perfectly cut but for the price difference, I could cut them myself or just let them be- good quality material as well πŸ˜ 

Delivered with the solid rectangle to protect the "O" 

Attached to the DIY Ls 3/5a without adhesive - corners of the rectangle are held by the velcro on the LS 3/5a baffle

What's the effect on the tweeter output?

The O-rectangles "clean-up" (not clear-up) errant sound which were dispersing to side-way(s), resulting in pretty much total silence between songs and quiet passagesπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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