Saturday, September 11, 2010

Audiolab 8000CDM

Here is the perfect partner for the 8000DAC, the 8000CDM (a bit dusty as just taken out from storage).

CDM and DAC playing a CD recorded with EQ
In theory the "swap-out" should not have been necessary as a transport's sole purpose in life was to read the CD best it could and provide the output in digital form e.g binary 1 and 0's. Binary "1" means high, binary "0" is low. There is not suppose to be any levels of quality in sound relating to the "1" and "0"'s. The DAC then converts the digital signal to analogue signal for us to hear.

Errr ... I found much difference after the swap out was done.

Here's the front view of the 8000CDM after some of the internals were swap out.
Top front view
Bottom view

Followed by the view from the top. Have added a heatsink to the voltage regulator transistor at the back of the unit as it ran hot - not sure why they was no heatsink on it in the 1st place.

Lastly the close-up of the signal processing area which is located behind of the CD transport mechanism. Higher quality components used are OSCON, Wima, EPCOS and silver mica's as well as Panasonic ECA and Rubycon capacitors. Reclocking should not be necessary as there are IC's for PLL in this area.

View the blog for my Audiolab 8000A at to see and hear how the units perform together.


  1. bro, so for this combo you didnt touch it right? i am yet to have my 8000CDM to fix the tray and lens problems... the in/out not smooth. alfred said it is just minor gear problems...

  2. Hi SK,

    I recapped the 8000CDM as well and replaced the "el-cheapo's" along the signal path.

    Visible as the non-standard coloured bits on the top left corner in the topview pix e.g blue, red, purple and khaki coloured components.

    Glad my recommendation for MIVEC worked out well for yourself as well!