Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meridian 204

The Meridian 204 tuner needs no introduction. It is a respectable sounding tuner with good reviews on the net. One such example can be sampled at

201 and 204 in stand-by mode
Rear of 204

Due to age, the battery on the main tuner board was leaking and there was a thin layer of "sticky" dark green slime around it - can't really see from the pix. The battery is the Varta with a '+' sign between the Nichicon capacitors.

When I rung the local agent, they quoted $200!!! to service the unit aka replace the battery and clean-up the "slime"! I though it was steep, way WAY steep for such a simple job.

Hence I decided to change the old battery and take the opportunity to recap the electrolytics myself.

After some scouting around, I manage to locate the following replacement from a supplier at Sim Lim Tower for about $20.

Works like a charm ... had to use contact cleaners to gently clear up the "slime". Otherwise the motherboard could be rendered useless after a while.

Sorry did not take a pix of the unit after completing the job.

Will update with more more pix(s) of the unit in action once I have time to reconfigure the 204 and setup the entire Meridian set which currentlycomprises of the 201/204/209/602/606/557 and A500

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