Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quad 33 (1st unit of 2)

This particular Quad 33 is part of components from my 1st set of Quad 33, 303 and FM3.

Updates completed were largely according to Dada Electronic suggestions. Electrolytic capacitors used were mainly average quality. Very few Wima and Panasonic FC were deployed. Sounds suprisingly good though.

Bottom and rear
The original plastic feet were replaced by rubberised equivalents, to prevent impacting other components during stacking.

Phono and Tape board

Top view

A bypass was added to the output boards as there was not much improvement in the HF response e.g seem to have been "cut-off". Used a green Wima for the bypass on the output boards. Sounded proper again after the bypass was added.

I was more adventourous with the 2nd Quad 33.

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