Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sansui AU-7900

The AU-7900 is a well known unit in the "black face" line-up of the 70's. Perhaps best known for it's great phono stage.

A feedback at speaks volumes of the AU-7900, especially since it was in a shoot-out by a stereo club!

Internals from top

From bottom

Frankly I was quite surprised by the "kick" from the unit - at the volume setting in the pix, it had enough juice to drive the Mission 753 Freedom to a decent volume - many articles mention the 753 can be power hungry!

No recapping necessary as it still sounds great after all these years! Quality really stood out for something in the 70's.


  1. I have one of these and one side is not powering up. I have not taken the cover off and cleaned it but it was pretty dusty. Do you know anyone who is reasonable on working on this unit. Also have some JBL Jubles 70 that need the woofer to be re coned. Have another old recever with is a Maranz 2230 which needs some work. Found a site that does it but not sure if the cost vs what its worth afterwards will be worth it.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Apologies as I am in Singapore.

    Suggest you advise of your location here and one of the visiting Sansui / JBL fans maybe able to provide recommendations.

    In general, I find any techie who knows their stuff can fix the Sansui's.

  3. Have since sold the AU7900, to a Sansui collector