Monday, March 28, 2011

Sound Dynamics THS-1000

This is my tiny dual-purpose 10in sub-woofer rated 100W RMS with peak of 400W. The unit has a solid built quality and weight over 10kg. It is my the only other non-British made (Canada) speaker in my collection.

The THS-1000 was originally purchased for my home theatre system which comprised of a Denon A1D, TU-1500 and DVD-2900.

Without cover

I later discovered the THS-1000 was more suitable as a hi-fi sub accompanying my Celestion SL-6S since the low frequency produced was fast and not boomy.

A few of my frequent visitors commented they preferred the combination of the sub with the SL6S, when driven by Meridians (201,204,209,602,606,557), compared to using the A500 alone.