Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quad Pro-63 (ESL)

Though largely based upon the successful ESL-63, the Quad Pro-63 was created according to Philips Recording Studio specifications in Europe.

Most noticable differences are the use of steel instead of aluminium for support and handles on sides. Power handling is about 100-150W. Each speaker weights about 16kg. I was not able to locate the sensitivity for the speaker on any documentation but estimate it to be about 78dB or79dB - losely based upon the volume dial to achieve approximate volume from my SL6S.

Side view

From rear

The Pro-63 are not easy speakers to drive. Long ago I owned a Pioneer A400X which was able to drive the SL6S effortlessly. However when I transferred the speaker cables from the SL6S to the PRO63, there was no sound when the volume was at 9 o'clock??? Initially I though either the PRO63 or the A400X had developed an issue. I decided to slowly turn the A400X volume until I could hear something. Music was finally audioble at about 2 o'clock!!!

The Quad ESL(s) are well-known for superb and realistic imaging but poor bass. I normally use the Sound Dynamics THS-1000 subwoofer (100W)  to accompany the Pro-63 (and SL6S).

My Pro-63 are placed on the non-Quad stands which were design with a gently tilt to project the image upward.

I was lucky enough to obtained the pair from a well-off gentleman who had several pairs of Pro-63 in his home. The serial number is 29xxx and estimated to be from about 1988.

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