Monday, October 1, 2012

Audio Note DAC One 1X Signature

Audio Note is an established and one of the well known brands in high-end hifi.

The Audio Note DAC One.1x Signature deploys (mouthful obtained from the net) a 24Bit/96KHz compatible converter, AD1865N chip, digital filter free 1xover-sampling direct from disc technology. Black Gate capacitors, Audio Note copper foil signal caps and copper wired digital input transformer in Zero style chassis, 6111WA anode (valve) with no feedback (NFB) output stage.

The unit has digital inputs for either XLR or digital via RCA via selector in the rear. There is only a single pair of RCA outputs.

The following pix(s) show the lights visible after power-up.
Upon power-up

Once DAC detecting a CD transport connection
Once CD play initiated
Unfortunately I was not able to access the unit easily to take a pix of the internals, as only the front and rear plate are removable. Internal components are secured via screws on the bottom of the shell.
After front-plate removed
Pix of the internals after front plate removal

How does it sound?

Reproduction via the Audio Note is smooth, with full and dynamically natural sonics, using the Audiolab 8000CDM as transport via a 1m co-axial single core cable.

Keep an eye for the comparison against my recapped Audiolab 8000DAC next month, with both DAC(s) using the 8000CDM for input!!!

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