Thursday, November 1, 2012

How does the Audio Note Signature DAC compare against my recapped DAC?

The million dollar question!!!

Setup during shoot-out
Hence I took the Audiolabs from storage and connected the RCA output from the 8000CDM to the Audio Note DAC. The RCA cable is a DIY made from a single core co-axial cable intended for video. The 8000CDM XLR output was fed to the 8000DAC. The XLR cable consists of a blue Klotz for digital cable. The outputs from both DAC(s) were fed to my Magnum IA-125 which are connected to the Meridian A500(s).

Any audible differences?

I could not hear any when performing the comparison using various CD(s)??? 

Please note the 8000DAC has been recapped with better components and a few values were altered from the originals.

After listening to the above setup for a couple of weeks, I decided to let go of the Audio Note since I could not tell the difference when playing any CD and switching between the two DAC(s) during critical listening.

The buyer of the Audio Note could not differenciate them either!

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