Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sony CDP-361

Was helping my friend sell his pristine condition CDP-361 since he was overseas (has since been sold). He was ok for the unit to be posted in my blog.

The CDP-361 is one of the newer generation of remote capable CD players of the mid-80's. Well built but a feather-weight when compared to my ES-series units. Even so, the CDP had no issues with CD-R or my test CD with transparent areas in the TOC (table of contents)! Body was steel all round (thin but still the real thing).

Since it was a budget CDP, it was not surprising to discover that the transport mechanism was not to the standard of the Philips CDM-2 eg will not play non-disruptively thru all the rock-n-roll of a quake aka pickup and shaken not stirred (to coin a phrase from the movies) during play!!!

As per typical Sony CDP(s), there are only the analogue outputs via RCA and a TOSLINK for digital out.

With volume control for the headphones

Only TOSLINK for digital out
With covers removed
Angled view from rear

Close-up of the main board with everything including the analogue audio components (on LHS side of board)
Suppose the unit would be great for a modder since there is so much empty space within the chassis for all the add-on(s) once could dream of!!!

How does the unit sound?

Pretty good for a stock unit. Details are reproduced with above average quality - enough to enable one to distinguish various instruments in most music genre without requiring much concentration. Good overall reproduction of the CD fed, though not to the standard of a ES-series CDP.

While testing the unit to ensure it was in ok condition, discovered the CDP can be picky on the type of inter-connect utilised - preference for plain but good quality pure copper interconnects.

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