Friday, February 1, 2013

Sansui TU-9900 (***Update#2****)

After trying for the past couple years, finally managed to secure the legendary TU-9900 thru eBay!

Was extremely disappointed when I received it - the original glass on the faceplate was cracked even though it was packed double box??? Otherwise the unit looked like new.

Upon unpacking 2nd box

During daytime

Lights visible during the evening

When I contacted the seller, he promised to make it right and gave me the option of ordering a perspex replacement (cost on him) or time for him to locate an original glass replacement. I opted for an original glass replacement. Within a couple of weeks, he sent the replacement over.

Boy was I shocked to see what was in the mail!!! Not only did he sent me an original glass replacement for the faceplate, he sent a complete replacement (original) faceplate with the glass in a well wrapped package!!!
Replacement received from the USA

I can't say enough of the after sales service support received from Rich Crowl of The Soundwell - 1st rate After Sales Service and truly as Good as GOLD!!!

While awaiting the arrival of the replacement glass, I tested the TU-9900 and it seem to be working fine. Unfortunately all the stations sound thin eg bass-less. Otherwise details were superbly reproduced - confirmation when hearing songs or instrumentals I listen to often. I have not done the due diligence yet (since it is working fine) as been busy with another project.

On the back, the TU-9900 has a pair of RCA(s) for variable and fixed output connectivity, as well as other facilities which I had not had time to explore yet.

After locating the service manual and reviewing the schematics, I decided to recap only the PSU board as it is a low power unit.

Top view of TU-9900. PSU board next to transformer and just next to back plate
PSU board after recap
After the recap and run in of about half a day or so, the bass was back ... and in heaps!!! Really sounds superb with rich details and solid bass.

Well worth the patience to acquire the TU-9900!


Finally had time to extract the unit from storage to replace the cracked glass.

Adding the below as did not take a picture of the rear in the original post.

Rear of Sansui TU-9900

Came across a webpage at FMTUNERINFO on possible DIY upgrades to make the TU-9900 even better. Have not tried any of the mods yet


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  2. I just bought a Sansui TU-9900, for that i need a new faceplate. can anyone help?