Friday, November 1, 2013

Sudgen A48B

Another of my units which has since been sold.

The Sugden A48B circa early 1990's, was supposedly a Class-B integrated amp but ran quite hot. The side-panel house concealed heatsinks with the transistors mounted on them.

As per the true Brit's of the era, you could hear the standard THUD upon power-on. Another standard feature was no tone and speaker selectors.

Took about 30min to warm up. Once warm-up, the HF reproduction was 1st class. I remember being amazed by the reproduction realism of the piano upper notes.The mid reproduction tend to be skewed towards the upper frequencies. Bass reproduction was lack luster, without authority nor definition.

And the Sudgen was not grunty (compared to my other amps). I remember the necessity to turn the volume to about 10 o'clock to obtain an equivalent of the volume from my Audiolab 8000A at about 8 o'clock when driving the Celestion SL6S.

Sold the unit within a month (in stock form) after acquiring it.

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