Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY - Tray gear replacement for Audiolab 8000CDM (VAM version)

After many years of service, the tray gear of my Audiolab 8000CDM (VAM version) gave way.

Initially I thought the belt driving the tray loosen after many years of service. Replacing it did not resolve the issue.

You could hear the motor after pressing the EJECT button but the tray does not budge. Upon closer inspection thru the CD tray opening, I could see the issue was caused by the non-rotating gear indicated by the RED arrow as the tray was not moving.
Offending gear without "teeth"

The next challenge was getting to it!!! Documentation on how to .. was not exactly widely available.

After much mucking around and researching numerous other posts, I noticed similarities on the Audiolab since it does use a Philips VAM assembly.

This is the procedure for removing the tray from the assembly - No other removal necessary.

Please remove power cable before beginning

1) Remove the metal cover and gently extended the tray to the maximum
2) Then use a screwdriver or similar tool to press the tab at the opening indicated by the beige arrow
3) Now gently slide the tray out from the assembly - in the direction indicated by the larger green arrow

How to remove tray after normally extended (to maximum)
You will now see a removable cover above the gear, towards the front of the CD tray assembly - gently release the tab and pull up to expose the tray gears. You can now remove the rubber band and the gears - see items below.

1st gear from LHS is the "toothless" one

Leaving the following behind.
Top view

Front view
Where to get a replacement?

Am ordering a full replacement set (2 gear and the rubber band). Will update once I have receive the parts.

Am deploying the Samsung C370 as backup transport until the 8000CDM can be repaired. Must say am surprised by it's performance so far!!!


Received the 3 replacement parts from an agent in China.

Luckily I ordered additional belts as the item which was packaged with the gears was a little larger!

The good old reliable is back on-duty again


  1. Thanks to your blog we managed to put the slipped off driving belt. Thank you

  2. Many thanks, we were able to replace our driving belt because of this blog.

  3. Hi

    My CDM looks very different from yours, it has a felt coating on the tray, and has the text 'CDM 9 Pro' on the metal hosuing for the lens mechanism.

    The toothless gear I removed from the unit looks more like the unit in this post:

    It was orientated veritically under the tray but above the circuit board attached to the mechanism.

    It is mounted on a metal rectangle - I don't suppose you know how to remove the plastic cog from this piece of metal?

    I'm trying hard not to break anything else...




  4. Hi,

    My 8000CDM looks very different on the inside - the tray has a felt coating on it and the metal lens carrier has the text 'CDM 9 Pro' on it.

    The toothless tray gear I removed is mounted on a metal plate which sits between the lower circuit board and the mechansim itself.

    Do you know how I can remove this plastic gear from the metal plate?

    I'm very aware I could make things much worse...


    PS Why are they so different?

  5. Sorry for the belated reply.

    Your CDM9 version was the original Mk1 with the grey tray, which does not retract after 3min. Mk2 uses the VAM12.4 and has the black tray which does retract after 3min.

    I have a CDM9 version (not CDM9Pro) as well and must say it is better than the VAM version.

    Best to show the metal plate pix if you can as very hard to comment just like this.