Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mythos Audio Vaccum Tube Monoblok

A friend's friend bought this unit over for review.

Little or non-existant information was available on the internet. At the bottom of the monoblok, it is written German ...

The owner advises it was 15W RMS per channel, with output for 4/8ohms. Valves utilised are EL90 and what look like China tube version(s).

Power was provided from the external PSU unit to each of the monoblocks. 

Power on/off was silent - no thums.

The PSU was about 5kg and each monoblock about 3.5kg. 

PSU unit
When input is received, you see the green bars on one of the valves on the monoblocks - the bar appears from top and bottom at the same instance even-though volume was zero. This shows input was present.

Monobloks with volume control

PSU internals

Monoblok internal
The MKP(s) in the monoblock are a China made brand, Chi Da. And these monoblocks run HOT!

How do they sound?

Overall a pretty nice sounding unit. The HF was natural and fluid. Mid was very natural and well defined. Bass could be better but lack authority. 

Beautiful set for vocals.

And grunty enough to drive my DIY LS 3/5A with the DIY AB1 connected in-series, without braking a sweat!!!

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