Friday, August 1, 2014

Leak Stereo 30+ (Unit#1 - with speaker output modified)

Like Harold Leak's other transistor amp's, the Stereo 30+ was made to sound like a valve unit.

Front view

Only the speaker connectors were modified by the previous owner. Paint work on the unit gives away it's age. Neither effect the quality of reproduction in any manner or form.
Rear - modified speaker connectors

One PRO is the unit was optimised for PHONO as there are Gain selectors etc on the back of the unit. CON(s)? The RCA connectors on the back are quite close together.

Rated at 15W RMS per channel, it is quite grunty and was able to drive the Mission 753 properly via the QED Silver Anniversary speaker cables. Sounded dull using my usual copper cables. To the fans of the 753, it is well known to be quite a power hungry unit which requires a high current amp to obtain the best from it.

This little gem was made to high standards as the quality of the components are superb - still the original parts!!! Upon a glance, the internals look pretty alike that of the Delta 30. Inspecting the circuit diagram on the internet shows very minor differences.

The Stereo 30+ does shine when connected to easier to drive speakers eg the Meridian A500's. So much so a visitor who came to buy my Musical Fidelity X10D was mesmerised by it's quality of reproduction - he thought it was a tube amp. Quite a complement coming from a tube amp owner. Speaks volumes of the Stereo 30+!!

When doing a brief search on the internet, notice many of the Leak Stereo-series are popular in Europe for driving the high-end dual-concentric Tannoy's.


  1. Hi
    Gosh this was what four years ago ��
    I have this amp but with original speaker inputs. Is it difficult to fit modern binding posts or is it strictly a job for a tech? Better still is there a plug in binding post to do the job?
    Ps too many ppl out there seem hung up about anyone liking this amp Well I do! I’m using it now as a home theatre with US made JBLs tlx6 speakers 91dbl 8ohm and it’s really very good at least in a small room. Lots of bass (for tiny 6 1/2” driver) accurate voice and full clear upper range; for $300 plus electricity haha. No wonder they get shirty!

    1. Best to get a techie to get the job done unless you have a good soldering iron and would be prepared to "get your hands dirty". Just make sure to unplug it from the mains before starting...

      Yes many look down on this little guy coz it's a transistor amp with 15W output. Guess then they will never know what they missed. It's like never going to the best steak house in town coz it doesn't look like posh and the waiters don't have a decent uniform .... PSSSHHHHH - don't try converting them else you will start having difficulty getting a table there in the future!!!

  2. Just meant to say I like your site
    Cannot understand why it’s not more popular

    1. Suppose it's like "one man's meat is another man's poison"?