Monday, December 1, 2014

DIY - Increasing number of inputs on vintage sets

I like using my vintage Quad 33-303 combo but was often frustrated by the need to disconnect-reconnect different sources due to the limited number of inputs on the 33 aka TAPE, DISC1 and DISC2.

Checking the internet, the total cost for proper input expansion boxes would be quite prohibitive since I would require a few such units for my numerous vintage sets.

I have a similar issue with speaker selector boxes .. for another post in the near future.

Then I came across the AV selector below and thought, why not try it?

Top view
View of the output RCA(s) to the amp, pre or processor
View of the possible input RCA(s)

Operation is simplicity itself. Connect the LEFT&RIGHT RCA(s) on the OUTPUT to your PRE or Integrated AMP. Then connect the desired Inputs to INPUT1/2/3 and use the selector accordingly.

An example is the below when deployed on my Quad 33-303 set.

Connecting various inputs to the Quad 33
Noise? Crossover "leakage"? Loud crackle when using the selector?

Been using it for a few weeks now and no sign of any undesirable issues or sounds yet ... you would not even suspect the AV selector was in-place unless you peered at the back of the set!


  1. Now that sounds like a good idea as I was just wondering how the new Quad 3 system, which I am just about to buy, was going to handle all of my various inputs.

  2. Hi, a beresford rca switch is also an alternative. Up to 4 extra input sources.