Thursday, January 1, 2015

DIY - Replacing broken glass (glue-on) on vintage tuner

Finally had time to replace the broken glass on the Sansui TU-9900.

Will not be using the other Sansui TU-9900 face plate (sent by the seller) as I maybe relocating to another part of the world in the near future. Hence I bought a Perspex replacement from eBay for the job and save the real glass replacement for another day - the original glass parts are rare ... very very rare!

Removing the face plate was straight forward.

1. Power off the unit and disconnect the power plug from the AC socket.
2. Remove the dial(s) from the face plate. Torx screw drivers required. The volume dial uses a smaller screw.
3. Push all the buttons on the left side of the face plate in and gently pull out the power on/off switch.
4. Remove the cover (8 screws;4 on the sides and 4 on the rear) to access the two screws inside, holding the face plate up 
5. Remove the two screws on the bottom of the unit holding the face plate to the chassis
6. Gently nudge the face plate away from the chassis
7. Put the face plate onto a soft surface eg towel, newspaper, with the face facing down
8. Use a bottle of electronic contact cleaner spray - similar to the one I am used. Do use the long nozzle provided
9. Spray onto the edges of the glass in very amounts eg just enough for it to get under the area of the glass. This is done to ease removal of the glass which has been secured to the face plate with double-sided adhesive 
10. Leave for a minute or so and then use a pair of pliers to assist with removal of the broken glass - it should just came off with a gentle tug - mine below
Glass after removal from the face plate
11. After ensuring all the glass fragments has been removed, I then use my fingers to remove the old double-sided adhesive from the face plate
With the removed original double-sided adhesive
12. Then use tissue or cloth to clean up the remaining fluid and let it dry.
13. About 5-10minutes later, I took the perspex replacement to position it into the face plate - DO NOT REMOVE ANY OF THE ADHESIVE sides yet.
14. Ensure the grooved edges of the perspex is facing into the face plate in the correct position before removing the adhesive protectors around the edges and pressing the perspex onto the face plate eg verify the 2-holes on the perspex are in the correct position
15. Once completed remove the rest of the coverings on the perspex and reassemble the face plate onto chassis eg reverse order of the dis-assembly
16. I now have the below

After perspex replacement
Looks great ... again!!!

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