Friday, May 1, 2015

Sony CDP-X7ESD with Marantz CDA-94 DAC

Was clearing the storeroom and came across the old battleship ... the X7ESD weight more than most of my integrated amps!!!

X7ESD as transport with CDA-94 as DAC
Since the CDA-94 was already on the hifi rack, took the opportunity to pair the X7ESD with the CDA-94 (previously with the CD650).

The X7ESD has been in-storage for atleast 3years. Even so, using it upon power-up was like it never left the hifi rack. Everything just works as expected. The CDP output volume was stronger than that of the CD650 and CDA-94. Reproduction from a familar CD thru the CDP was of very good quality, thought the HF was a little brighter than it should be. Switching to the DAC output, everything fell into place though the output volume was lower. In fact I was surprise to hear delicate items reproduced with natural clarity as well as bass which has not been evident before this occassion!!!

So much for the theory of a transport conveying 1's and 0's only, therefore the 1's and 0's are the same from any player!

In summary, the X7ESD pairs extremely well with CDA-94, as if they were made for each other.

The X7ESD, CDA94, G90X and ST333ESXII form a group in my collection of higher end vintage gear, with wooden panels on the sides.

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