Sunday, May 1, 2016

Internet streaming using PC via USB DAC

Finally had the time to hooking up my DIY TDA1541 DAC to the PC via USB to the hifi set.

The PC is an older laptop which I have since redeployed for live streaming for songs (Spotify, etc) and sports event(s), etc. Since the USB DAC was Plug&Play compatible, setup was a breeze after making sure all the necessary cables are in-place, and, flicking the toggle switch on the back of the DAC chassis.

Initial setup for testing

As  this is the 1st time using the DAC components, initial reproduction was a tad bassy when compared to the output from my Sony ES tuner, for the same FM station. Otherwise the details were all present. Will update once it has been run-in.
The DIY USB DAC with TDA1541
Connections on the rear

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  1. Forgot to say - advantage includes facility to listen to any overseas radio station which streams eg KISS FM from LA, Breeze from NZ, etc