Monday, June 6, 2016

DIY - Experimental Open Baffle speakers (Part3)

Apologies as I have been busy with my (discounted) shopping spree on China's version  of eBay ... kept feeling I had not done something recently!!! Finally remembered what it was...

After much searching, found what seem to be the proper replacement for the original crossover board on the Pioneer S-D77 (now DIY Open Baffle) speakers - see pix(s) below.

Original crossover from the Pioneer S-D77
Replacement crossover from China

The replacement was a ready made 2nd order 3-way crossover with 2dB boost on the HF.

How does it sound vs the original crossover?

Initially the PRC crossover sounded as if it someone had place a thick floor mat over it - even with the 2dB boost! After a couple of days, it began to remove the "thick floor mat" - details was then neither here or there, but reproduction was beginning to open-up. After a few more days, it sounded close to the original crossover. About a week later, bass details started leaping out.

A few of my visitors were pleasently surprise by the quality of audio reproduction from the DIY Open Baffle, when driven by my Audiolab 8000A.

Hmmm ... how much did I pay for my pair of production speakers from the shops??? Bloody hxxx ...

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