Saturday, July 2, 2016

DIY - PROAC 2.5 Clone (Part-1)

I decided to initiate a DIY clone of the infamous PROAC 2.5 as have given up trying to purchase one in the used market after searching for years. A hifi dealer I frequently dealt with, informed he has never came across one for sale yet.

Searching the internet for information, the most promising clone seem to be the one at as there were positive feedback from previous owners of the actual unit who long for another chance of ownership, and, made the clone using the information from the link as reference.

From past experience, my main hurdle was the enclosure. I am not capable nor have the equipment/facilities necessary to fabricate them. Fabricating them locally would cost "an arm and a leg".

My previous EBay contact (REF: DIY LS 3/5A) quoted an expensive cost for the cabinets only (with S&P)!!!

Fortunately during my exploration of the Chinese version of EBay, I stumble across a vendor who fabricates speaker enclosures. Hence I provided the above link for reference and the vendor says NO PROBLEMO. Total cost would be much lower. Naturally I placed the order and now praying for the best ...

In the meantime, I am going thru the parts list and buying most of the necessary parts from the Chinese EBay site. After all why pay a 3rd party who would purchase from China and resell to you for a profit, right?

We have to face the facts, most items are nowadays manufactured in China - there is really no choice.

I will only be buying the capacitors and actual drivers from non-China sources.

Hope to update next month, once I receive the items.

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