Friday, June 1, 2018

Onix RA-65

I visited The Cathay (in Singapore) not long after it was newly opened at the end of Orchard Road. There used to be a largish CD shop (think it was a HMV) on the ground floor.

Believe they used to have some sort of arrangement with one of the HIFI resellers, as they were different speakers and amplifier (deployed near the shop) entrance every so often.

Just so happen I was shopping for a floorstander at the time - hence paid a bit more detail to any decently priced hardware on demo. I visited the shop on a few different occasion(s) to listen to the various hardware in-use. During this period they demo a Nait-5 and a Onix A-65 driving a pair of Magnaplanar 1.5 (or 1.6?) over several weeks.

From ONIX website

When I re-visited the shop a few months later, the Nait-5 was no longer in the shop. Hence I was curious and asked regarding it. The shop assistant informed the Nait-5 threw in the towel and they used the Onix instead.

I was not looking for a amplifier then but was suitably impressed by the RA-65, enough to want to became a new owner!

Here cames the bad news ... was informed that Onix model was no longer available and that it belong to the shop, not the HIFI dealer. This seem to happen a lot to me ...

For the curious, I have never owned a Magnaplanar ... yet

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